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There’s never been a better time to explore going solar. With rising inflation and fuel bills, Acadiana Solar can help you make the transition to this free and unlimited energy source. Call or email us today to receive your free, no obligation quote.

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We specialize in both residential and commercial solar panel installations throughout Louisiana.

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Mission Statement

“It’s always sunny at Acadiana Solar” is more than just a clever slogan. It’s a way of life for the people working behind the scenes at Lafayette’s oldest solar company. Owner Deno Kokinos has poured his heart and soul into becoming a reliable local solar energy provider through hard work, dedication and ethical business practices. Furthermore, he credits his 5-star ratings to superior service after the sale as well as being knowledgeable on related programs such as net metering & tax incentives.

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Sustainability. Integrity. Excellence.

With the influx of fly-by-night solar companies, the team at Acadiana Solar saw the need for expansion throughout Louisiana. Bringing with them the same quality products, service and values that the Acadiana region has depended on for many years. With in-house financing, we can make it affordable for you to own solar. Call us today to learn how you can save thousands over the next few years!

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Solar Energy Conversions throughout Louisiana

What we offer

Grid-tie solar panel installation

Grid-tie solar panel systems, also known as grid-connected systems, are designed to work in conjunction with the existing electrical grid. These systems can generate electricity from either solar panels or shingles and feed the excess power back into the grid.

Grid-tie systems typically do not include battery storage, as they rely on the grid for power when solar generation is insufficient. In cases when the grid is down, a solar generator is usually more cost-effective than battery backup. Grid-tie is cost-effective and allows for net metering, where homeowners can receive credits for the excess electricity they generate and send back to the power grid.

Energy independence with fall back to the grid when necessary

Off grid solar systems

Off-grid solar panel systems, also called standalone solar systems, are designed to operate independently of the electrical grid. These systems are commonly used in remote areas where grid connection is not available or expensive.

Off-grid solar systems may require battery storage to store excess solar power for use during periods of low or no sunlight. They often include additional components like charge controllers, inverters, and backup generators to ensure a reliable power supply.

Total energy independence with battery backup.

Hybrid solar energy systems

Hybrid solar panel systems combine the features of both grid-tie and off-grid systems. Hybrid solar systems are connected to the grid but also incorporate backup solar generators or battery storage. This allows homeowners to utilize solar energy during peak hours and store excess power for use during non-sunlight hours or during power outages.

Hybrid solar systems offer greater flexibility and independence by providing a backup power source when the grid is down.

Combining ultimate independence and flexibility.

Ground mount solar systems

Ground mount solar systems are versatile and efficient solutions for harnessing solar energy. These systems consist of solar panels installed on the ground rather than on rooftops, allowing for optimal placement and orientation to maximize sunlight exposure. Ground mount solar systems are often preferred in cases where rooftops are unsuitable or insufficient for solar panel installation. With their modular design, these systems can be easily scaled up or down to meet specific energy needs.

One of the major advantages of ground mount solar systems is their flexibility in positioning. Unlike rooftop installations, ground mount systems can be strategically placed to take advantage of the sun’s path throughout the day. 

We can capture the power of solar anywhere.

Grid-tie solar installations

Off-grid solar installations

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Hybrid solar installations

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Solar farm installations


Choose Acadiana Solar for your solar energy conversion.

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Save money on utility bills while caring for the environment.

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Gain independence, security and sustained power during outages.

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Send excess energy back to the grid to receive energy credits.


What our customers have to say. . .

We take pride in our relationships with customers and will work hard to provide 5 star quality and service.

From the free consultation to the installation, the Acadiana team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. They exceeded my expectations, delivering top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Anthony M.

Lafayette Lousiana

My experience with Acadiana Solar was exceptional. They providing expert guidance, prompt installation, and excellent customer support. The attention to detail was amazing. I highly recommend their services.

Staci R.

Monroe, Louisiana

I’m so happy I went solar when I did. After the last couple of years with so many major storms, I was one of the few people in my neighborhood who never lost power.

John W.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Acadiana’s team is the best in the business.

Deno Kokinos

Deno Kokinos


Christie Trickey

Christie Trickey


Jerry Meche

Jerry Meche

Installation Manager

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Asked Questions

Below are some questions that come up when considering going solar. If you don’t see yours, check out our FAQ page, or give us call at (337) 962-5647.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells. When sunlight hits the cells, it excites electrons, creating a flow of electricity. This direct current (DC) is then converted into alternating current (AC) by an inverter, making it usable for powering homes and businesses.

What are the benefits of solar energy conversion?

Converting to solar energy and installing solar panels offers numerous benefits, including reduced electricity bills, decreased reliance on fossil fuels, lower carbon footprint, increased energy independence, and potential financial incentives or tax credits.

How much does a solar panel installation cost?
The cost of a solar panel installation varies based on several factors including system size, location, and specific requirements. To get a free consultation email us or call (337) 962-5647.
What is the payback period for a solar panel system?

The payback period for a solar panel system is typically between 5 to 10 years, depending on factors such as system cost, energy savings, and available incentives or credits.

Can solar panels generate enough electricity to power my entire home?

Yes, solar panels can generate enough electricity to power your entire home, depending on factors like system size, energy consumption, and sunlight availability in your area.


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